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What's sitting on your windowsills these days? Maybe you've got an old forgotten pencil or, if you're like me, all you've got is a dead insect. Well a great way to liven up that empty and unused space is with a windowsill herb garden. Herbs are the best plants to grow on your windowsill. Not only is it a great way to start growing herbs, but it's a great way to get into the hobby of gardening. If you're interested in starting a windowsill herb garden, you need to choose your location well. Primarily, you want to choose a window that has good lighting.

Herbs require plenty of sunlight in order to thrive. How is the sunlight in your kitchen windowsill? Are trees or other obstructions blocking the sunlight? Ideally you want to choose a very sunny windowsill. What direction does your windowsill face? The best kind of sunlight comes through south facing windowsills. If you don't have good southern exposure, try to find a windowsill facing the west. Be aware though of the requirements of the herbs you wish to grow. Some herbs thrive in shady and less sunny areas. You will also need to remember to turn your windowsill herbs so that each side of the herb gets an equal amount of sunlight. You'll want to rotate your herbs a quarter turn each week.

So you've got a great window. It's right in your kitchen so that you can easily grab some herbs for your cooking. It's also in just the right spot where a few herbs would add beautiful complimentary decoration. And best of all, it's the sunniest window in the house! Unfortunately, the windowsill would never support a pot of plants. Well don't give up just yet. First of all, you may want to look into getting a small tray. You might not be able to grow a full pot of herbs, but a small tray would be perfect for a smaller windowsill and you could have a small garden in one of these. Another option is to simply extend your windowsill. This is quite common. Some people even have full shelves installed so that they can support full pots of herbs. You could also get something called a cat windowsill perch. This is a shelf designed to support a cat who wants to sit next to a sunny window.

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Windowsill Herb Garden

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This article was published on 2010/03/27