Choosing Your Herb Flowers

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If you are just starting to appreciate the affect herbs have on your food then you should also consider extending your interest and learning about herbs and their flowers. You should feel confident about the herb flowers that you use.

Recently there have been a lot of people that have become interested in using herb flowers in their food and the list that you can use only keeps on growing as time goes by and science confirms the safety of more and more flowers.

Usually, herb flowers are used complete as garnishing because of their aesthetic pleasure and color. But, if you are going to eat the herbs then you have to take great care to ensure that their preparation, and quality is excellent so that there is no bitterness in your food.

If you buy herb flowers that are supposed to be safe for eating then you should make sure that they have been grown organically. The easiest way for you to ensure that they are genuine is by growing them in your own garden so that you can be sure of their flavor and quality.

Every herb flower is unique. Here are a few herb flowers that you can use and the method in which you can use them:

1. Plum and Apple Blossoms - You should sprinkle this over your salads or add them to garnishing savories.
2. Borage - You have to remove the dark parts to enjoy the taste and appearance of this blue colored herb.
3. Marigold - This can be used to add flavor to your rice or soups or in fresh salads.
4. English Daisy - The use of this herb is limited to its petals.
5. Carnations - They offer a pretty much spicy touch to your food but do vary from species to species.
6. Chrysanthemum - It is used in a lot of Chinese food and drinks.
7. Cornflower - Another delightful blue herb flower.
8. Gardenias - Used mostly to garnish cold dishes. They are highly perfumed and research is going on into how to reduce their fragrance so that they can be used for cooking.
9. Geraniums - These herb petals are used a lot for decorating purposes as well as to flavor salads.
10. Lavender - This lovely herb flower has a lot of uses and you can even use it in your ice cream.
11. Nasturtiums - This is a very good ingredient for salads and has a cress like flavor which has a lot of vitamin C.
12. Pansies - Is very useful in making dishes look more attractive.
13. Roses - This is a very adventurous herb flower. You have to remove the bitter initial layer of petals before using it. Then there are quite a few ways in which you can use it.
14. Safflower - This is a yellow petal herb that you can also use as a replacement for saffron.
15. Sunflowers - A herb flower that many people would have heard about. Its yellow petals are used mostly to add flavor to your curries.

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Choosing Your Herb Flowers

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This article was published on 2010/03/27