Body Detox Herbs - The Real Story

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Over the past several years the use of body detox herbs has received a huge bump in popularity. Once lumped into a category of what was considered questionable home remedies, the medicinal and detoxification properties of herbs have finally received the recognition it deserves. Now the mainstream realizes what grandma has always known - nature supplies us with what we need to stay healthy.

Why Do You Need Detoxification Herbs?

Unfortunately, nature has a lot to keep up with these days. A century ago, herbs used to detox the body didn't have to contend with all the waste warriors that have practically turned our bodies into sewers. The fact is with all the technological advances that make our lives so much easier, there comes a dire consequence. Our planet is suffering for our convenience. The effects of industrial pollution, chemical wastes, and insecticides, for example, have polluted our soil, air, and water transforming these life-maintaining elements into a virtual dumping ground. Your body's immune system pays the ultimate price. Certainly, our bodies are designed with an internal cleansing system. But with so much being thrown at it these days, it's easy for this system to suffer overload and not work as efficiently as it could. That's why the use of detoxification herbs such as pau d'arco extract for instance, is so essential to maintaining optimum health - they help your body help itself.

The Real Story

So, what's the real story behind body detox herbs? Are they effective?

Consider this. Since before recorded history, cultures worldwide have used herbs for the treatment of disease. Archeological digs reveal the use of herbs among ancient societies. Ancient literature, such as the Bible, discusses the use of herbs to cure ailments.

And set aside the mind-boggling amount of anecdotal evidence for a moment. There's good science behind the medicinal value of herbs. You've probably heard or read about the nutritional powerhouse green tea. Research has shown green tea extract thwarts the growth of some cancer cells. Ingredients in common kitchen herbs such as rosemary have been shown to fight cancer causing free radicals. And most telling of all is that many mainstream medicines - from common aspirin for pain relieve to Quinidine for treating cardiac arrhythmia- have as their source a medicinal herb.

But forget about mainstream medicine for now. There are literally dozens of natural detoxification herbs that are routinely used to rid your body of dangerous toxins. Perhaps one of the most versatile is an extremely robust herb that comes from the bark of the taheebo tree. It's called pau d'arco.

Pau d'arco - Detoxifies And Boosts Your Immune System

If your suffering from toxic overload you may have one or more of the following symptoms:

Headaches, allergy problems, muscle aches, excessive mucous, fatigue, and digestive problems. Pau d'arco extract helps rid your body of toxins so that your immune system can do the job it was meant to do - combat disease and keep you fit and healthy. This powerful extract has the following properties to help boost your immune system for your best health.

  • Anti- oxidant - aids in disease prevention and anti-aging
  • Anti-microbial - inhibits and destroys bacterial and viral growth
  • Anti-fungal - treats yeast infections
  • Anti-cancer - suppresses tumor growth and formation
  • Anti-inflammatory - reduces pain and inflammation in some autoimmune disease

Pau d'arco rounds up and mobilizes toxins that weaken your immunity and aids your body in their excretion. The result is your immune system is strengthened and fortified against attack from harmful agents. And if you do succumb to disease, your body is in prime fighting condition. That way much of the burden is removed from your immune system as it works to maintain your physical well-being. With all the pollutants and contaminants in our environment, your immune system deserves the fighting chance body detox herbs have to offer.

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Body Detox Herbs - The Real Story

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This article was published on 2010/03/27